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The Project in a Nutshell

I am producing a feature-length documentary film entitled The Boating Life. It’s about the people who live and work on the water.

Many of these “liveaboards” are non-conventional people. Others walked away from more conventional careers and homes just to be on the water. Some very interesting characters can be found in unusual, beautiful, trying, peaceful, and sometimes dangerous living situations on the water. How they live is as interesting as why they are there.

We find them living in all manner of vessels from small sailboats to grand yachts. We’ll visit them on their boats and see what this kind of life is like. Some are at docks, some anchored off and others cruise the waterways freely.

How do they make a living? There are freelance captains and crews, cooks, stewards and stewardesses, marine service people, retired people, fishermen and women, woodworkers, dentists, doctors and… continue reading »